Destination Management

Our professionals specialize in design and implementation of events, activities and program logistics.

Leadership & Organizational Development

Our specialists know how to fine tune and maximize an organization’s potential.

Marketing, Branding, Promotion & PR

We combine strategy, design and digital prowess to help you create or revive your brand.

Info. Technology, Programming & System Design

Audiovisual & IT solutions that sound, look and navigate better.

Global Finance & Economics

Providing expert financial counsel for your organization.

Human Relations & Organization

Providing expert financial counsel for your organization.

Strategic Planning

Consult with strategic planners who know how to reset a company’s direction.

Hotel & Resort Development

Consult with veterans who’ve developed exceptional properties worldwide.

Hospitality Management & Concept Development

Our experts know hospitality, inside and out.

Sales & Management Training

Established training programs adapted to your needs.

Event Planning

From planning to culmination, our professionals can make your event unforgettable.

Welcome to Laguna Strategic Advisors


Laguna Strategic Advisors is a superb resource for top management and entrepreneurs seeking objective insight to achieve the next level of success for their organization. Whether your business is a start-up venture or an established company, our Advisors provide experience-based consultation focused on your specific needs and aspirations. Each member of our Business Advisors Consortium has proven expertise in his or her field. Areas of experience range from hospitality development, acquisition, finance and management to strategic planning, branding, sales, and marketing. Other Advisors’ experience lies in leadership training, human resources, service solutions, technology, operations and more. Each offers a rich pool of insight acquired through their broad experiences. These seasoned practitioners are dedicated to creating strategic business and organizational solutions designed to produce measurable results for your enterprise. We invite you to explore our roster of experienced business advisors by their specialty or name.

Recent Member Articles

After Currency Moves, Don’t Count The Chinese Out

By: Edwin Fuller
Founder and President of Laguna Strategic Advisors

All last week, the world’s financial markets were roiled by China’s 4.4% devaluation of its currency, the yuan, also known as the renminbi (RMB). It was the currency’s largest devaluation in decades and, not surprisingly, almost everyone even remotely interested in China was concerned. The biggest concern revolved around the state of the Chinese economy that now ranks as the world’s second largest after the US. Seeking to ease the uncertainty, the People’s Bank of China called the move a one-off depreciation, saying it was aimed at boosting its private sector exports by cutting their costs, increasing their competitiveness and enhancing performance.

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Will Hotels Follow Airlines’ New Drip Pricing Policies?

By: David M. Brudney
Member of Laguna Strategic Advisors

I have long been a proponent for hotels discontinuing drip pricing or hidden fees, rather instead building some or all of those ubiquitous fees into the room rate. Like many, perhaps even most guests faced with the check out bill, I resent being nickeled-and-dimed or being charged for facilities, services and amenities for which I never used nor cared.

“Resort fees” can range from $10 to $60 or more today. They can include access to a fitness center, spa, pool, and business center and daily copies of USA Today. Some properties’ fees may include Internet/Wi-Fi in-room, valet parking only, in-room safe, mini-bar, and bottled water. And let’s not forget the bed tax on top.

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Learn Their Culture & Win

By: Edwin Fuller
Founder and President of Laguna Strategic Advisors

I recently returned from a tour of 6 European countries during which I had time to think about the cultural nuances of each. While English was widely spoken and all the countries I visited boasted a patina of international sophistication and used a common currency (the euro), each also had its own language not to mention its own local architectural style and regional mealtime favorites. Even their local music was unique to itself.

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