Our Story

We are a global business consortium based in Irvine, California, consisting of a diverse group of independent member-consultants representing a broad range of expertise. All members share a passion for problem solving and a desire to have a positive impact on the business world.

Each LSA member possesses wisdom acquired through many years of deciphering complex business challenges. Collectively our business professionals have hundreds of notable achievements and many have worked for globally renowned companies, becoming acclaimed authorities in their designated fields.

Our unique, competitive difference:
The members of our consortium are sole practitioners and entrepreneurial firms with outstanding credentials within their client categories. Each member does business as his or her own independent entity. Laguna Strategic Advisors, LLC supports members with communications and business services that enhance their efficiency and resources, but does not create, control or monitor the work product of Consortium members, who deliver their services as independent entrepreneurs or entities.

As accomplished leaders in their respective areas of expertise, our Advisors are able to guide clients to discover competitive advantages, build successful organizations and obtain long-term results.

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