Our Story

The Laguna Strategic Advisors logo was inspired by the Short-tailed Shearwater. Known for their boldness and efficiency in flight, this seabird is tough, resilient and skillful. The ideal symbol for our unique organization, with resourcefulness and extreme longevity, we go the distance to achieve the desired results.

World, meet Monty. Monty, world.

Make no mistake about it, Monty (whose full name is “Montage”) is not just another pretty rostrum. This critter is an iconic blend of toughness, resilience and skill. Characteristics we greatly admire.

Our feathered mascot is a Short-tailed Shearwater, a close relative of the Great Shearwater and some twenty other similar species. These seabirds are known for their extreme longevity, and for the ability to roam undeterred. True journeymen, shearwaters have the longest known animal migration ever recorded by science – around 65,000 kilometers, or 39,000 miles. They span the entire Pacific Basin: From Honolulu to Southern California, New Zealand to Peru.

Long-winged and intelligent, shearwaters fly low over the surface of the water, and far out to sea. Their signature “shearing” flight technique allows them to bridge distant continents, dart in front of waves and pull maneuvers other seabirds can only dream about. They are known for their efficiency and boldness in flight, and they’re resourceful when it comes to getting exactly what they want out of life.

We not only admire these enchanting creatures but also find that they rather precisely sum up what Laguna Strategic Advisors is all about. In life and work, going the distance to achieve the desired results.

So the next time you witness a seabird skimming over mid-ocean waves, darting through California surf or floating in the wind beside a steep Hawaiian pali, take a moment to ask yourself, “Is that a shearwater?”

Who knows…it just might be Monty.