Information Technology, Programming & Systems Designs

Rick Goldstein

Kensington Consulting Group, Inc.
Annapolis, MD
Rick Goldstein is the founder and President of Kensington Consulting Group, Inc. Since 1993, this organization has provided consulting support to a diverse mix of industry leading companies including IBM, Nextel, GE, Ciena, Diageo, Pulte, Marriott and T Rowe Price, as well as, associations and non-profits including U.S. Travel, Orlando CVB, American Gas Association, American Society of Anesthesiology,and Home Appliance Manufacturers.

Jeff Loether

Electro-Media Design, Ltd.
Orlando, FL and Gaithersburg, MD
Jeff Loether is a leader in both the hospitality and event technology industries, and provides world-class ArchiTechnology consulting for entertainment and event spaces. His 40+ years of experience and reputation makes him the prime resource for architects, hotel developers, and management companies looking to optimize their event and entertainment venues through practical design and profitable operations.

Carl Wilson

CW & Associates
Atlanta, GA
Carl Wilson is a turnaround CIO and business leader with a career that spans more than four decades and multiple industry segments. Carl launched his career as a computer operator and is now recognized as a world-class CIO who led technology for national and global companies. Currently, Carl develops emerging talent as a CIO coach and mentor, in addition to actively serving on several corporate and advisory boards